Ten Best Unreleased/Rare Christina Aguilera Tracks

Below is a list of my favourite unreleased (or unofficially released/leaked) and rare Christina Aguilera songs, of which there have been quite a few over the years and ones I wish she had either included on her albums, which in turn could have been released as singles and been hits. Most songs you will not find or know about (unless you’re a hardcore fan), so here they are:


1) I Will Be

Emotional. Inspirational. Simple arrangement. Flawless vocals. This song was a B-side to the single “Dirrty”, which really showed the contrast in her musical artistry back then, but was unfortunately left off Stripped.

2) Hello (Follow Your Own Star)

Similar to the song “Soar” from Stripped, “Hello” was released as a promotional single for the Mercedes-Benz A-Class car model in 2004, when Christina began embracing her new “clean, good girl” image and looking like a modern-day Marilyn Monroe. The song has some elements of soul and blues and was a sneak preview of her new Back To Basics sound she had begun to work on. The lyrics are inspirational and vocals are on point, but the CD itself is extremely hard to find nowadays. Christina performed the song once at the launch of the new car in Germany, and although she was sick at the time, it’s also one of the rare times she showcased her whistle register.

3) We’re A Miracle

Taken from the soundtrack to Pokémon: The First Movie, “We’re A Miracle” was recorded around the same time as “Reflection”, before the release of her first album. Here her vocals are beautiful, her tone is pure, and you could tell back then that there was something special about her.

4) Too Beautiful For Words

Released as the B-side to “What A Girl Wants”, “Too Beautiful For Words” is another rare song that cannot be found today and was also recorded around the time of her debut album but never made the final cut. This song is one of the rare occasions in which Christina’s voice is toned way down with no belts and everything is kept pure and simple. The title of the song just captures the whole thing perfectly.

5) Nasty (featuring Cee Lo Green)

Originally recorded for her Back To Basics album and then shelved for the Burlesque soundtrack (but never made the cut), the demo for “Nasty” leaked around the start of The Voice, sparking rumours that Christina and Cee Lo were going to release the song properly. Unfortunately, they never did but it got a lot of people excited and interested in the song. The song features fierce vocals from Christina, a good cameo from Cee Lo and that dirty, funky, soulful sound that would have fit perfectly on Back To Basics, so I have no idea what it was scrapped but it makes me wonder if the demo was that good, what the full version sounded like if they ever did record it properly.

6) Don’t Make Me Love You (‘Til I’m Ready)

This song was put on the re-release of her debut album (with the radio edit versions of “What A Girl Wants” and “Come On Over (All I Want Is You)”) and also features on the soundtrack to the Madonna film The Next Best Thing. The film and the soundtrack were both massive flops so I’d be surprised if you’ve heard of either of them, unless you’re a huge Madonna stan. This song was actually a pretty cool song and it’s a shame it was never officially released.

7) Dame Lo Que Yo Te Doy

Christina singing in Spanish is always amazing and it’s a shame that she doesn’t do so often enough. “Dame Lo Que Yo Te Doy” is the Spanish version of “Get Mine, Get Yours” and is on the Latin American edition of Stripped. The original English version is already a very sexy song but as they say, things always sound better in Spanish, and this is no exception.

8) Little Dreamer

This touching song was released with Bionic as an iTunes exclusive so unless you downloaded the album from there, you probably wouldn’t know of it. The lyrics speak of when Christina is “gone” (dead) and how she’ll still be there for her son (it’s not specified but everyone presumes that’s who the song is for) in spirit when the time comes, so not usually the best topic for a song, but it does still have a lovely sentiment to it and her vocals are beautiful, yet tainted with bittersweet emotion.

9) Casa de Mi Padre

“Casa de Mi Padre” (The House of my Father) is the first full Spanish song recorded by Christina in years and featured on the soundtrack to budget film of the same name, starring Will Ferrell – no, I’ve never heard of it either, but am sure with better promotion, such as the release of this song as a single, it would have got more recognition. Christina’s vocals are haunting yet gorgeous and again it makes you wonder why she hasn’t recorded and released another Spanish album again.

10) That’s What Love Can Do

Apparently a reject from Stripped, “That’s What Love Can Do” was featured on a promotional EP with Justin Timberlake (called Justin & Christina) when they both toured North America together in 2003, so is another extremely rare song to come across. The song has a Latin-pop and R&B flavour to it which was quite cool, but was definitely still below par to be put on Stripped.

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