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Top Ten Favourite Girl Groups

Posted in Girl Groups with tags , , , , , , , , , , on March 5, 2013 by Ain't No Other Tan

In light of everyone fangirling over Girls Aloud like they’re something special and the best girl group ever, I’m here with this list of ten far better and more talented girl groups to prove you wrong. These girl groups are not only cool with great music, but had more musicality individually than all five members of Hoes Aloud put together. These ladies knew had to harmonise brilliantly, sing well solo (well, most of them) and sometimes even dance at the same time without resorting to backing tracks or miming. Check them out below:

1) En Vogue


Incredibly perfect harmonies, great soloists and hot music that combined modern-day R&B and hip-hop with soul and funk (to make the new fusion genre of New jack swing), En Vogue were pretty much flawless. They also didn’t have a specific lead singer which gave each of the powerful ladies a chance to shine on their songs.

2) Labelle


Fronted by the ever astonishing, big-voiced Patti Labelle, Labelle made for one hell of a powerful girl group with probably some of the best sets of pipes of all time.

3) Destiny’s Child


Destiny’s Child are not known as one of the most successful girl groups of all time for no reason. Their blend of different voices (particularly clearer with the latest lineup that included Michelle and her raspy tone alongside Bey’s sweeter and Kelly’s huskier voices), was unique and of course their back catalogue of songs can’t be beat. Their harmonies were always good and when they performed and danced live it was always a good bonus.

4) TLC


TLC were like a mix of En Vogue’s old-school urban sounds and Destiny’s Child, added with a bit of rap and hip-hop and it worked well. Their voices may not have been to everyone’s taste but their sound was cool and unique, and what I respected about them was not to tamper with that specific sound after Lefteye passed away by recruiting a new, full-time member to take her place.


5) Eternal


With a style heavily rooted in gospel, Eternal were a force to be reckoned with and probably the best British girl group when it came to vocals (even though Mis-teeq had a wider range of better hits). Also, they were much better with Louise Redknapp who didn’t stand out (despite being the only white girl) due to much weaker vocals and it wasn’t until she departed that Eternal really improved.

6) Mis-teeq


Always called the British of Destiny’s Child may be a compliment in some ways to Mis-teeq, but this girl group were edgier and grittier, thanks to the addition of Alesha’s rapping that made this trio stand out from the other sweeter-looking, but less talented girl groups in the UK.

7) Booty Luv


Great modern dance and disco songs and a great blend of two different voices – Nadia’s deeper and richer voice against Cherise’s higher and sweeter voice – made for a brilliant duo.

8) The Supremes


The Supremes had great harmonies and a very superstar quality to them that made them stand out above other girl groups around at the time. Even though Diana Ross had the weaker voice in the band, the sweet and sometimes sexy, sultry tone she employed to sing made their music even better and against stood out against other groups who usually had the stronger singer (e.g. in Labelle and Martha and the Vandellas) sing lead.

9) Martha and the Vandellas


Martha and the Vandellas always know how to put on a good show when performing, including in recent years when they have reunited and performed, even if their vocals have unfortunately succumbed to age. But hey, at they still sing live.

10) The Marvelettes


The Marvelettes were one of the first and successful girl groups of the Motown era and it was easy to see why, with their sweet yet fun look and sound. They had nice, rich voices and good harmonies, particularly lead singer Gladys Horton.